A Note from our Presidents, Sue Kalish and Sue Miller

Our Co-Presidents Sue Kalish and Sue Miller (centered) with the 2019-2020 Executive Committee

Our Co-Presidents Sue Kalish and Sue Miller (centered) with the 2019-2020 Executive Committee


What an exciting time for everyone in our garden club! We are delighted to have been nominated and confirmed by all of you to serve in this challenging role. The nominating committee helped us to assemble a stellar group to form our Executive Board and the help and support from so many of you to round out our Governing Board is so appreciated. None of this happens in a vacuum….it takes a village!

All of us become “root-bound” at certain points in our lives and need to be “repotted” for our own growth and expansion. We thank those of you who grow out of one pot and into another, feel the need to be pruned to fit in a smaller pot, or continue to blossom and grow in the same area year after year. You all contribute to the beauty of our village garden.

As members of VGCLJ we are enriched by our events, activities, and education but it takes a village to accomplish our club objectives. New ideas are a constant source of nutrients and help all of us grow as gardeners or garden appreciators. Our programs are the backbone of our garden club, but every new workshop, field trip, and special event adds additional color and pizzazz.

We are so pleased to welcome our 22 new members and each and every returning member to a year of both surprises and the comfort of our long-standing committees and activities. Consider “transplanting” yourself into a different committee or taking on a leadership role. We need you and we know you will find your time to be rewarding and educational. We encourage you to read more about the club’s activities in this yearbook.

At our monthly meetings we present speakers who both educate and entertain us on subjects that relate to the club’s objectives which you will find on the title page of this yearbook. We begin by gathering in the social hall at 9:00 am for an hour of socializing amid the table displays arranged by our committees - including a marketplace featuring plants and gifts. Refreshments are provided by our members…….and our special project this year is a new v cookbook that includes not only our favorite items from the refreshment table but also includes special memories from many of you. Our business meeting begins promptly at 10:00 am, immediately followed by our featured speaker.

Change holds the “seeds” of opportunity for growth! We hope our club helps to bring only the best changes to all of our lives. Cheers to the finest “Village” Garden Club we could ever ask for!

Sue Kalish and Sue Miller Co-Presidents