2019-2020 Committee Information

Field Trips

Susan Starr
Susan Hood-Ruby
BJ Boland

We have two fun field trips planned this year. Please join us to visit beautiful gardens, make new friends, and expand your gardening skills.

Tuesday, November 12, is the day for “Fabulous Flowers.” In this morning adventure, we will visit the International Floral Trade Center (aka the Flower Mart) in Carlsbad. Master Gardener and floral arranger, Linda Jones, will give us a guided tour of the mart, where we will hear from selected vendors about the flower business and collect ideas for holiday decorations. Time for shopping is, of course, included. Bring a bucket of water for all those lovely flowers! After our tour, we’ll have lunch at a nearby restaurant. The day begins at 10:30 and will end around 1:30. Carpool.

On Tuesday, March 17, our theme is “Gardens of the Rich and Famous.” Come along to visit two outstanding gardens in Beverly Hills. We’ll begin our day at the Virginia Robinson Garden, a unique historic estate that was once the residence of Virginia and Harry Robinson (of Robinson Department Stores). A docent will lead us on a tour of the house and gardens of this beautiful home, the first luxury estate built in Beverly Hills. Then we will travel just a few blocks to another, completely different garden: the Gottlieb Native Garden. After a box lunch on the patio, we will tour the grounds of this one-acre estate. Described as “an urban oasis,” the spectacular garden is home to more than 200 native plants and nearly 400 wildlife species. Join us for this full day tour via Luxury Bus. Signups begin at our December meeting.

Watch The Spindrifter for more details and pricing. Hope you can make these trips!We have some wonderful field trips this year. Please join us as we visit beautiful gardens, make new friends, and expand our gardening skills.

Club Reservation and Cancellation Policy: 

We understand that the need to cancel sometimes happens; however, due to the fixed costs incurred in field trips, we cannot guarantee a refund.  We urge members to find a substitute to take their place.  The club can assist by sending an e-blast to the membership, but the responsibility for finding a substitute lies with the individual member.

Holiday Pantry and Bake Sale

Linda Beinhoff
Leslie Dupree

It’s never too early to start planning for the annual Holiday Pantry Sale that takes place at the December meeting. Every year, our members generously donate their talents to provide a wide variety of beautifully packaged sweet and savory items for sale. Your generous support of this event has raised thousands of dollars to support our many programs. What is your specialty?


Mary Anne Brown
Victoria Lugo

The Horticulture Committee promotes a finer understanding of plants and gardening by offering two Display Tables each month. We encourage all members to bring cuttings and plants from your garden to share in this collective experience.

Native Plants will be an ongoing theme this year to encourage biodiversity, ecological balance, and wildlife in our gardens.

In addition, ‘Special Exhibits’ will be narrowly focused on plant themes, useful gardening information, or may feature a local favorite nursery.

Biodiversity is actually what makes our tables so beautiful and we look forward to seeing all of you!


Pam Filley
Ann Miller

Gardening, friendship, and shopping! The Market Place Committee presents a carefully selected collection of garden-related “must haves” for you or for a special gift. We hope to entice and surprise you each month with different vendors featuring members of our garden club and the community. And, back by popular demand, January will be “Vintage” month. Start saving your unused, unwanted and unloved quality items for our second annual “Vintage” sale.

Watch for monthly updates in The Spindrifter so you won't miss out on our unique shopping opportunities.

Master Gardener Table

Chair: Karen White

One of the least-known treasure troves of information in San Diego County is that over 300 Master Gardeners provide home gardening and pest control information throughout the county; free to the public. Master Gardeners are volunteers trained and supervised by the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE).

Master Gardeners and club members will once again be available to answer your garden and plant questions. While promoting conservation we will show you how to save water, help the environment, use integrated pest management, and watch your garden grow.

Please stop by our table to take advantage of our free handouts and bring your garden questions.

Master Gardener Hotline: M-F 9:00-3:00; (858) 822-6910

Visit our website

Sign-up for our newsletter and learn about special events, solving problems, earth-friendly gardens, and what to do in the garden this month.

Member Garden Tours

Gail Dill
Carol Rumsey


Gardens, locations, and dates to be announced.

Our Favorite Things

Robin Vandever

The new VGCLJ cookbook will be available at the October meeting! The 2011 cookbook sold out quickly and generously supported the club’s many programs. Don’t miss out! Bring your checkbook or credit card to the October, November, or December meetings where we will have cookbooks for sale.


Photography Consultant:
Marge Palmer

Dianne Holmes
Jill Holmes

Our photography committee is composed of garden club members who enjoy photography and enhancing their skills in editing and composition while documenting happenings in the garden club. The photographs have been utilized by members for publicity purposes, to publish history books, for use in Spindrifter articles, slide shows, print brochures, invitations, and for the enjoyment of our members. 

In order to ensure efficiency and reduce the work load, each major committee will work with a photographer who will be assigned to them.  If you have not been assigned a photographer, please contact a Photography Consultant.  It will be the committee chair’s responsibility to communicate with their photographer regarding their needs in a timely fashion.  If the photographer is unable to assist you, your photographer will help you find a replacement.

Photo Sharing

Our new photo website www.vgclj.smugmug.com will also enable club members to share and show photographs with the garden club community.  They will be just for fun.  Keep a lookout for your photo sharing opportunity or contact one of the Photography Captains with your creative ideas.


Gardeners' Exchange

Clara Blenis
Suzanne Thomas

The Gardeners’ Exchange Table is a wonderful opportunity for members to share their bounty and pick up fun and lovely treasures for free. Members bring garden items they would like to share and/or no longer use, such as seeds, bulbs, cuttings, extra plants, decorative items, pots, baskets, vases, and other garden essentials and nonessentials. It is helpful when the plants and cuttings are labeled. We welcome contributions and look forward to seeing everybody at our ever-changing, interesting Gardeners’ Exchange Table. Except for March, our table will be available at every monthly meeting (unless otherwise noted) from September to May.

Meet the Masters

“Meet the Masters” takes place when we have a speaker of particular interest and name recognition.

Members are encouraged to submit their speaker suggestions.

From the Treasurer:

FISCAL YEAR JULY 1, 2019 THRU JUNE 30, 2020  

Your 2019-2020 Financial Team consists of:
Cindy Lococo, Treasurer
Susan Maggio
Dori Robbins McCue, Auditor

It is our hope that the Treasurer Packet consisting of written accounting procedures/guidelines along with applicable forms will ensure a timely matching of income and expenses to generate accurate reporting for committees and the Club. The Treasurer Packet can be found on-line at our website, VGCLJ.com, under the Treasurer link on our Member's Only web page. Please take a moment to download, review, and make necessary copies.

Thank you for your support! If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us.

VGCLJ Treasury Team,

Cindy Lococo, Treasurer