2017-2018 Committee Chairs

Bouquet of Thanks:
Julia Sheldon

December Nights Tree:
Mary Ann Driscoll
Sue Driscoll

E-blasts and Co-Presidents’ Messages:
Gail Dill

Expressions in Art and Flowers:
Lacey Colmore
Ann Craig

Field Trips:
Susie Dentt
Kathy Rains

Financial Team:
Cindy Lococo, Treasurer
Dori Robbins, Auditor

Graphics Consultant:
Alice Harmon

Holiday Bake Sale:
Linda Morse

Mary Anne Brown
Eva Richman
Leisa Wilson

Barbara Doren
Lucy Woodbury
Joan Roe

Jacaranda Tree Planting Program:
Linda Shaw
Jan Nelte

December Luncheon
Pat Lau
May Luncheon
Leslie Dupree
Kitty Spence
Nancy Tagwerker

Magazine Library:
Gaynor Pates
Marilyn Sorenson
Roz Bradley

Master Gardeners:
Karen White

Meeting Arrangements:
Floral Centerpieces
Ann Hill
Guest Registration
Marilyn Olson
Set Up
Susan Maggio
Take Down
Alida Bracker

Members’ Garden Tour:
Carolyn LaPierre
Zonia Button

Dodie Williams

Dues Treasurer:
Elizabeth Thomas

New Membership Liaison:
Sue Miller
Helga Halsey

Membership Database:
Kate Engler

Moores Cancer Center Healing Garden:
Susan Starr
Jan Davis
Debi Nichols

New Member Reception:
Mary McSweeney

Penny Pines Project:
Margaret Herrick
Linda Karpowich

Lisa Bartzokas
Dianne Holmes
Marge Palmer

Plant and Garden Exchange:
Linda Bienhoff
Clara Blenis
Suzanne Thomas

Wendy Brody
Paula McColl

Floral Designer Assistance:
Judy Chance

Ann Glazener
May Bull

Schoolyard Gardening Grants:
Leigh Hartman
Sue Kalish

Shop Amazon.com:
Janet Mika

The Spindrifter Editors:
Lynn Jewell
Nancy Palmtag
Donna McClay 

The Spindrifter Calendar:
Margie Smith-Haas

The Spindrifter Mailing:
Annette Ritchie-Buis

Ways & Means:
Gayle Eales
Karen Novak

Sara Carpenter

Margaret Anne Lozuk
Kathy Peterson

Yearbook Editors:
Mercedes Bartolomei Penner
Kate Engler
Donna McClay

  Yearbook Photo Editor:
Donna Koziol