A Note from our Presidents, Bonnie Sipe and Penelope West

2017-2018 Co-Presidents Bonnie Sipe and Penelope West and their Executive Committee

2017-2018 Co-Presidents Bonnie Sipe and Penelope West and their Executive Committee

Welcome to the start of our 2017-2018 Club year, and welcome to our fifteen new members, who bring
fresh ideas and talents to enrich our club. You will recognize them by the green flowers on their name
badges. Please seek them out, and make them feel an active part of our club. September is a month when
we change gears from the relaxing last days of summer to the invigorating start of fall. Anticipation is in
the air; it’s a new season in our gardens, and in our Club we have changes too.

As VGCLJ’s first co-presidents, Bonnie and I feel honored to lead this talented club. We so appreciate our
Governing Board who have been working through the summer to produce the wonderful events you will
find in the Yearbook. We hope you will be as excited as we are about the plans for the coming year.

Life is never without challenges, and the need to change our first meeting to September 14 presented a
considerable challenge to the committee chairs. Bonnie and I are so grateful for the way in which everyone
has risen to the challenge. Sadly, some of us, including myself, will be absent for the September meeting
due to travel commitments that couldn’t be changed. The need for this early date will occur again in 2020,
but then we will know to plan for it. It was also necessary to move our November meeting to November
30th, the week after Thanksgiving. We hope this can be avoided in future.

This year we decided that our meetings (with the exception of floral design presentations) will be held in
the Social Hall. We hope you will find the more intimate space, the better viewing of slide presentations,
and keeping our refreshments nearby a welcome change.

In our Yearbook you will find a few more changes. Expressions in Art & Flowers will be held a month
earlier to make it easier for our floral designers to participate in both our show and Art Alive at the
Museum of Art. You will also see that two of our workshops will be held on a non-meeting day at a
member’s home rather than following the monthly meeting. We are in for a double treat!

While refreshments are always tempting, be sure to browse the committee displays. Horticulture will be
giving a demonstration of caring for garden tools. Look also for treasures to be found at the Plant and
Garden Exchange and at Ways & Means, who are bringing some new and intriguing opportunities that you
won’t want to miss! You will want to sign up for Field Trips and Workshops although not everything will
be available for sign up in September. If events sell out, be sure to put your name on the waiting list so we
can gauge the level of interest for future reference! Note that at this meeting we will be voting on our club
budget for 2017-2018. Members can review it here.

Finally, Bonnie and I would like to give special thanks to those whose work behind the scenes enables our
club to run smoothly: Mercedes Bartolomei Penner, Kate Engler and Donna McClay for their work in
producing our Yearbook; Sara Carpenter, Dodie Williams, Robin Vandever and Kate again for their work
in processing the membership data; and Cindy Lococo for her work as our Treasurer. It’s our hope this year
to make committee work easier – less time in front of our computers, and more time in our gardens!

Bonnie Sipe and Penelope West, Co-Presidents
“One who plants a garden, plants happiness”