A Note from our Presidents, Bonnie Sipe and Penelope West

2018-2019 Co-Presidents Bonnie Sipe and Penelope West and their Executive Committee

2018-2019 Co-Presidents Bonnie Sipe and Penelope West and their Executive Committee

As I write this, we are at the mid point of our Club year – a time when the Governing Board meets for its second and last meeting to review how we are doing and look to what is coming up in the months ahead. I am glad to report that we are in good shape financially, despite our lower membership count this year. We have an exciting line up of program speakers, workshops and field trips; and much activity is taking place with our civic projects thanks to the energy of their committee chairs.

When Robin Vandever asks us to nominate our Favorite Things about VGCLJ for the new book she and her committee are producing about our Club, I find it hard to make a choice. How can I not love our spectacular Expressions in Art and Flowers Show which promises to be another stellar event, starting with members’ art work on display this month to be interpreted by floral designers in March? I don’t consider myself a “floral designer” but I was first pressed into doing an interpretation of a cardigan (!) some years ago – but with help from Lacey as floral coach, I gained knowledge and confidence. So if you are hesitant about participating, I urge you to jump in and have a go! You don’t need to be an expert.

It’s this opportunity to learn that makes me love this Club. Our January speaker, Renee Shepherd, gave a wonderfully informative talk on growing vegetables from seed. One idea I took home was to sow a bed with salad greens like sowing a lawn; then harvest the young shoots on a “Cut and Come Again” basis. Also I never knew the extra nutritional value of vegetables in those atypical, unusual colors. I looked up Renee’s website for seeds and what a wealth of useful guidance you find there! The wonderful speakers we bring to our meetings have to be one of my Favorite Things.

Then there are Field Trips of discovery to places I didn’t know about – or special eye-opening tours at places I was familiar with. These vie for a place in my list of Favorite Things. Also Workshops with opportunities for hands-on learning must also figure in my Favorites list. I fear I have too many Favorites with too little space to mention them all! But they all make me so proud of our Club and its wonderful members.

So I feel very fortunate to be a member of this talented club that we call the Village Garden Club of La Jolla (although our members come from all over San Diego). I hope you feel the same. Come March, we will be renewing our membership, and we hope you will think about inviting a friend, neighbor, or newcomer to join us. The forms for membership renewals, committee choices, and new member applications will be posted on our website on March 1st. Our data team of Sara Carpenter and Kate Engler would love you to renew online - it is enormously helpful to them. However, hard copy forms can be downloaded and will also be available at the Membership check-in table at our March and April meetings.

At this time of writing, it seems like the warm sun has ushered in spring after the wonderful drenching rains we have had in December and January. As gardeners we can’t ask for a better time to enjoy spending time in our gardens and planting seeds literally or metaphorically for the future!

Happy Growing!

Penelope and Bonnie