A Note from our Presidents, Bonnie Sipe and Penelope West

2017-2018 Co-Presidents Bonnie Sipe and Penelope West and their Executive Committee

2017-2018 Co-Presidents Bonnie Sipe and Penelope West and their Executive Committee

Greetings Garden Club Members!

Although I had to miss our kick-off meeting in September, I understand from Bonnie and others that the Social Hall buzzed with interest and enthusiasm.  To mention a few of the displays:  Jim Stelluti gave a valuable presentation at the Horticulture Table on the care of gardening tools.  The Plant Exchange Table overflowed with members’ contributions.  The Jacaranda committee re-launched their program with a beautiful poster and great ideas.  Schoolyard Garden Grants were selling beautiful aprons and candles.  Ways & Means held a successful Market Place – and I can’t wait to try their premium Fair Trade coffee from our local award-winning Bird Rock Coffee Roasters!  Members were keen to sign up for field trips and workshops.

The popularity of the two workshop offerings took co-chairs Margaret Anne and Kathy by surprise, with many more people wanting to sign up than could be accommodated.  In the future, to be fair to everyone, we may need to institute a lottery system.  However, the good news is that Bonnie Manion has generously offered to repeat her workshop on November 7th for those on the waiting list! We are so grateful to her and the co-chairs for making this possible.

The new arrangement of meeting in the Social Hall was generally a success, and we will make adjustments to meet members’ comments and suggestions. Offerings at the refreshment table, decorated with a beautiful floral display by Ann Hill, could be enjoyed throughout the meeting.

As we move into October I realize that this is my favorite month for gardening. I walk around my garden in an editing frame of mind. What plants need to come out?  What new plants should I bring in?  What gardening chores does Pat Welsh’s book tell us we should be doing?  

One thing I know I want to do is add some native plants to my garden.  I feel inspired by Doug Tallamy’s talk last year about the negative ecological consequences of gardening with plants from other parts of the world.  The gist of his message was that: As gardeners and stewards of our land, we have never been so empowered – and the ecological stakes have never been so high. .... We can each make a measurable difference almost immediately by planting a native nearby – thus increasing the percentage of natives in suburbia.   So, armed with Greg Rubin and Lucy Warren’s wonderful source book for native plants – “The Drought Defying California Garden,” I pore over the many attractive natives I could incorporate in my garden this fall. 

As inspiring and wonderful as our Garden Club is, Bonnie and I are acutely aware of the problem of parking.  We are so disappointed that the information we were given was not honored on the day by the parking manager.  We understand how frustrating and aggravating this was for many of you who were rudely turned away.  Parking has become a major problem everywhere due to all the growth and expansion, but the situation our members encountered at the September meeting is not acceptable.  Therefore, Bonnie and I will be meeting with senior management at ACE Parking and CBI to clarify what can be done for our Club.  We need to know what we can expect in the upcoming months, and we will also explore what options there might be for the future.  More information will follow in an E-blast.

Penelope West

Co-President with Bonnie Sipe