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VGCLJ April Meeting - “The Power of Plants”

  • Congregation Beth Israel 9001 Towne Center Drive San Diego, CA 92122 United States (map)


Speakers: Joanne Chory and Scientists from the renowned Salk Institute Plant Biology Laboratory
Plant Biology

The Salk Institute Plant Biology Laboratory is ranked the number one research organization for plant biology in the world based on the number of influential papers published. Joanne Chory, PhD, professor and director of the plant molecular and cellular biology laboratory, says, “Plants are the foundation for all human life on earth, providing food, fiber, medications, building materials, and the oxygen we breathe. We have to better understand how plants grow if we are going to feed 12 billion people by 2100, provide alternatives to fossil fuel, and understand the impact human activity is having on our environment.”

Plant Science research is more important now than ever before to help meet not only the demands of a rapidly growing human population but also the disruptions of climate change. How plants grow and adapt to different environments is critical due to the major impact global warming is having on soils everywhere. Salk plant scientists are passionately dedicated to finding paths to a more sustainable and healthier future.