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San Diego Bonsai Club Jonas Dupuich – How to Select a Quality Tree

  • Room 101, Casa del Prado, Balboa Park 1650 El Prado San Diego, CA, 92101 United States (map)
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Jonas Dupuich will present on a subject that is difficult for bonsai enthusiasts at many levels: How to select a quality tree whether you are beginning in bonsai or further along, whether one is selecting nursery plants, pre-bonsai or bonsai. The process is similar in some respects and very different in other respects.  Jonas is going to cover this often confusing and intimidating step in the process of creating bonsai.

Sometimes working backwards from a finished product, reverse engineering as it were, is more enlightening than mentally muscling your way from the beginning through the process of how to style or modify an existing style of a tree. We will judge refined trees and then work backwards from there using lesser refined trees down to cleaned nursery stock. Judging  an advanced tree to evaluate what makes it a good bonsai or not so good bonsai will help you to look a potential trees a lot differently. After his presentation, you will have a much easier time selecting trees regardless of the level of tree you are needing.

Jonas completed the full 5-year apprenticeship in Japan. He is thoroughly versed in all aspects of bonsai, and continues his education when traveling to Japan. He is highly skilled with the many varieties of trees we find in bonsai. Jonas teaches around the country from the Pacific Northwest to Connecticut, and extensively in the Bay Area and Northern California. Jonas offers monthly workshops at his nursery in Alameda California, and also has a website with a very informative blog where an article is added twice per week. Check out the photos from his recent trip to the Sierras of beautifully accented trees by an early snowfall. 

Jonas' website, Bonsai Tonight, is very informative. Once on the site, click on BONSAI BLOG and you will see different general topics.

Here are some links to two excellent photo progressions. One is the deciduous Korean hornbeam and the other is the evergreen yaupon holly.  Take a little extra time to study these as there is a lot to see.


•   9:00-10:20AM Bonsai Assistance (101)

•   9:00-10:25AM Library Open (104)

•   10:30-11:00AM Business Meeting (101)

• 12:00PM Raffle and Refreshment (101)

Jonas' workshops on Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th are filled.  You are welcome to be silent observers.